Working in Silence, Thinking in Rest

'Silence and Rest' are a power that we need to utilize carefully for a better way of thinking and a more effective living.


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4/2/2022 3 min read

We all know it: the busy routine, the demanding work, and the fear that if we take a break for just a single minute, life goes ahead of us. So, for us not to get left behind (because there are bills to pay and there is work to be done), we normally keep up with the pace. We run, we rush, we leap, we jump, we chase. But we forget to live. And we think that working hard 24 hours a day 7 days a week is what life is supposed to be. We think that by being busy and active, we are living a fulfilling life. I used to think so too. Well, that is NOT USUALLY the case. It’s true that being active may demonstrate power and energy. However, knowing and balancing two sides is even more powerful. Remember, rest and silence are equally important, so long as you know how to use them.


1. Work in silence. You may think, fail, succeed, question, revise, rethink, and work out your game plan without the whole world knowing it. This gives you better focus and more effective time to reflect on your work. When you work in silence, your mind keeps up with your heart. When you work in public and you constantly have the need to prove your competence, or you constantly care about the eyes and mouth around you, your mind will race while your heart hesitates. Remember that we can always listen better to ourselves in silence.


2. Rest and re-energize yourself. After working hard in silence, assess your physical and mental state. If your body is signaling exhaustion, go rest. If your mind is feeling overwhelmed, stop what you are doing. Your body needs to refresh and reenergize itself from the busy world, and you need that. Allow your body and mind to 'shut down' for some time in order for them to be able to serve you better. Here are some ways to have a refreshing rest:


Short-term Reboot

Despite being bound with tasks and activities that must be done in a limited time, you can still have a ‘quick refresh’ for yourself.

a. Take a deep breath. If you can breathe fresh air outside for a little while, then take the chance! 10 minutes will be alright.

b. Lie down comfortably for 20 minutes if you don’t feel sleepy. This is a quick way to reboot your mind and body.

c. Don’t use any gadgets during your rest time. Have coffee or tea instead, or any quick snack will do. And, water! Remember to drink lots of water.

d. If you have been sitting for too long, stand from time to time and breathe.

Long-term Reboot

When work and routine have been pressuring you and are already affecting your efficiency and effectiveness in your life, then a longer break is needed (but not too long).

a. Go for an excursion. If you are able to ask for leave at work for at least 2 days, that is enough for you to go on an excursion or short trip. You may go to a nearby city or town and enjoy your time with friends and family shopping or simply sightseeing.

b. Stay in your cozy home. You may also spend the holiday staying at home. Try your very best not to check your emails or any work/school-related stuff. You may watch a movie, read a book, sleep longer, cook, paint, or do whatever activity you fancy. The point is to do something that does not concern your work.

l If you are very very lucky to have a month-long break, utilize your time wisely to explore new places and learn new things in a silent, calm, but active way. Yes, you can be silently active! By doing this, you do not only reserve your energy, it is also healthy for your thinking and perspective.


By pausing, you are allowing yourself to see better views, have more effective thinking, and make newer and fresher ideas you could use in your work, school, or simply for a much happier living.

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