What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

It is scary to take risks, but I think, living the life you do not want is scarier.


The Sophisticats

10/3/2021 5 min read

What if I start doing what I want, would it make my life better or worse? Can I really change my life and achieve my most desired goals?

These are questions I ask every single day. Most of the time, I feel very motivated. It feels like I can conquer anything in the world. I strongly believe that I have the power to change my life into something I want. But, sometimes, when I sit in front of the computer and do the job I do now, I start to doubt myself. Can I really achieve my dreams, or the statement "believe in yourself" has just become a beautiful lie of life? Maybe, I am not meant for something greater. WHY AM I STILL HERE? WHAT AM I DOING WRONG? 


Many nights, I contemplate and ask the same question. "Why am I still here?" I have to accept the truthful answer; I am afraid. I know exactly what to do. I should leave my teaching job. Go writing full-time. I know the consequences and failures associated with it. It’s okay. I have plans anyway. BUT STILL, I AM AFRAID. I am not afraid for myself. I am afraid that if I fail, I can't support my family. I am a breadwinner. I can't be jobless. There are bills to pay. There are mouths to feed. 



Do you know where I see the best possible version of me? It's on the road which I am most afraid to take. WHAT IF I WASN'T AFRAID? What if I step out of my comfort zone?  


Well, I have already made some small (but big) steps to achieving my goals. I've always imagined owning a blog several years ago. Now, I finally have one! I do not expect to earn much money from blogging, actually. However, I want this to be a way to reach out to people like you. I have always wanted to inspire and impact others in my own little ways. After all, small steps make big paths. 


I am still afraid. I haven't fully stepped out of my comfort zone yet. But, finally, I am writing. I am writing from the heart in my own blog! It is such a great achievement. So, why am I telling you this? 


I am saying this to let you know that, yes, you can change your life. We can change our lives. I am not at the peak of my success, and there is a lot to learn. But I am making progress. IT'S SLOW, BUT IT IS PROGRESS. I had so many doubts. I still do, but I know I will get there. Little by little. You will too. 


Come to think of it, I have already made so many small steps that go beyond my old self. And as I go on, I see my beautiful future clearer and clearer. I am getting closer and closer.


You will too. These are ways that can help you get closer to achieving your goals.


1. Ask Yourself the Right Questions

When people realize how difficult the process is in achieving their goals, they start to feel discouraged. Their own ideas and self-limiting beliefs stop them. Why? Because these are what people usually tell themselves. I can’t do it. I don’t have these and that. It’s not possible because…


What happens when you make such statements? You believe them. BE CAREFUL WITH THE WORDS YOU TELL YOURSELF BECAUSE YOUR BRAIN WILL LIKELY ACT ACCORDING TO YOUR THOUGHTS AND WORDS. Instead of saying those close-ended and negative sentences, ask yourself questions.


When you ask the right questions, you allow yourself to give possible answers. Instead of thinking negatively and making excuses, ask yourself questions! Our brain is designed to instinctively answer questions or solve problems. That’s what it does. So, if you simply say “I can’t do it.” It’s done. That was a solution - a very unproductive one. Your brain does not think for more. But if you ask questions, your mind will find ways to solve them. And that’s what successful people do. They challenge themselves and keep asking.


What do I want?

I want to be a blogger

So, what should I do to be a blogger?

Well, I need a blog and content.

Then, make one.

But it costs about $100.

How can I have $100?

I have a teaching job. I think I can save $100.

So do it.


Always ask yourself the questions WHAT, WHY, AND HOW. By doing this, you train yourself to constantly think of a solution when issues or challenges arise.


Another important thing is to ask yourself, What should I do next? This statement lets you take a step further. Then one leads to another, then another, and another until you arrive at the result you desire. The first step can be frightening but take it anyway.


Now that you know what questions to ask yourself, take action.

2. Be Intentional and Specific About Your Actions.

It is not enough that we know what we want. We need to do something too. Putting your plans into action would be an undertaking, but if you remain SPECIFIC ABOUT YOUR GOAL AND YOU ARE FOCUSED ON IT, YOU WILL ACHIEVE IT.

Make a plan or a schedule. Write a specific time period for every small goal you will make, and stick to each of them. Being clear about your goals, especially small ones, will lead you closer to your dreams. If you know what to do and when to do it, the result is clearer.


You will not always be successful the first time, but that doesn’t mean you will always fail in your next attempts! Maybe, for now, you need to do something. Upskill. Relearn. Gain some experience. Try then succeed or perhaps you try but fail. That is alright. Try again. Remember to be "intentional." Mean what you think and mean what you do. Be intentional about improving in that lesson. Be intentional in practicing harder to win that race. Be intentional in losing weight. Be intentional in finishing that part of that project. Be intentional in every action. “Success is very uncomfortable,” I once heard. But that is what makes success such a great thing. It pays higher when you work harder for it.

3. Detour.

The first path you make may not lead you to your desired destination. So, make a second path, and a third, and a fourth, and keep making till it leads you to your goal.


Just because you worked and attempted, doesn’t mean you’ll be successful right away. Life will continue to test you. You have to be smart. The first plan failed, then create a new one. Remember that you are the creator of your life, so only you have the power to keep making roads to opportunities for yourself. Keep trying.


You might need to constantly improve yourself. You might need to keep failing for years to learn something. But if you keep going, if you do not stop, you always end up reaching your destination… your goal.


For 4 years, I had attempted to find a writing job. I never found one. So, I had to keep practicing how to write. I read more books and learned more knowledge. Up to this day, I keep these habits. Now that I have writing samples and better skills, I realized why I kept failing in the past. It was not only because I lacked the skill, but also, I didn’t really want to write for others. I wanted to own my blog and write as I want.



It is scary, but I think, living the life you do not want is scarier. If we don't choose the life that we want now, when? In the future, we will become older and weaker. If we wait for 5 more years before we take a leap of faith, we lose 5 years of our life we can possibly enjoy.




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