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Understanding Genuine Happiness

Once we understand that happiness is relative and accepted that it is temporary, it is much easier for us to appreciate it. It's also important to recognize the things that can make you happy and keep them in your heart.

2021-10-18 5 min read

What Would You Do If You Weren't Afraid?

It is scary, but I think, living the life you do not want is scarier. If we don't choose the life that we want now, when? In the future, we will become older and weaker. If we wait for 5 more years to make a change, we lose 5 years of the life we could possibly enjoy. 

2021-10-03 5 min read

6 Things We Should Avoid in Life Now

It is okay to say NO to certain people or things that are not healthy for our life. Take care and love yourself, and don't feel sorry for it!

2021-10-01 4 min read

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5 Ways to Manage Your Time Effectively and Wisely

The secret to managing your time effectively is to wisely use short periods of time, and here are the ways how to do it.

2021-09-27 3 min read

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