The "Weather People" in Our Lives

Like the weather, people can impact us differently. They may teach us great lessons, and feel different emotions. Have you met these "weather people?"


The Sophisticats

9/24/2021 3 min read

Life is so much better with the right people in it. However, sometimes our path lets us meet unpleasant people. Well, that doesn’t mean they are not worth meeting. Even the worst person can teach us a lesson.  In the end, we should be smart enough about who we allow to enter and affect our lives.  

Like the weather, people can impact us differently. They may teach us great lessons, and feel different emotions. 

The Sunshines. When things get tough and your world starts to become gloomy, The Sunshines are the ones who make everything lighter. Their presence simply lights up your day. They know the words to say to make you smile. They are the ones who tell you, “Hey, cheer up. It’s not always going to be this way. Trust me. I know you can get through it.” They may invite you over for lunch or dinner when they know you need someone to talk to. Sunshines smile and laugh a lot, and they appreciate the little things they have. The Sunshines have enough positivity and cheerfulness in them that may spark that little hope in you. They simply shine on anyone. 

The Rains. Many people don’t really like the rain. But when you take time to listen to it and watch it, its effect can be counteractive. It makes you so relaxed and puts you at peace. Rain people are those who don’t usually hang out. They may not be very outgoing. But, they are those who see things deeper, listen more, and think more seriously. They are realistic, patient, and honest. They may appear cold or aloof, but once you get to know them, they stay as loyal and reliable friends. They may not have those words to cheer you up instantly, but they can share with you genuine and meaningful ideas which makes them the best advisers. 

The Hurricanes. Hurricanes are destructive. Unfortunately, there are people who are hurricanes. Their effect on us is great but in a negative way. These are those people who simply love drama and destroy other people’s lives. They are insecure, hypocritical, liars, and unhappy people. We don’t deserve such people in our lives. 

The Hails. Do you know how hailstones can harm and hit and crash? Yes, some people are definitely like that. It is easy for them to criticize others without careful thoughts. Their words only seem to keep falling and crashing-hurting anyone or anything it hits. The Hails are people we should try to avoid as much as we can because they are close-minded beings. They only know what they know and tell them to others proudly. At some point though, their opinions may challenge us to try harder. 

The Tornado.  Have you met some people who simply suck the energy out of your system? That’s them. They’re like tornadoes sucking everything in their path. They are very pessimistic people who are often upset, depressed, and feeling hopeless. They are those who often say, “I am not good enough.” “ I suck.” “No one likes me.” These are toxic people. You may try your best to help them (if they also want to be helped), but you shouldn’t let their negative energy affect your life. In the end, it is best to avoid them when you do not see any improvement in their perspectives. 

The Rainbows. Rainbows are very special, and so are the Rainbow people. And just like this colorful thing in the sky, Rainbow people make you feel different emotions. They may cause you happiness, anger, disappointment, excitement, and more, but in a healthy way. These people help us grow emotionally. The Rainbows are the ones who have a special relationship or connection with you. And just like how a rainbow may appear after the rain, Rainbow people are surely there for you, especially at your worst moment. The common people you may consider as rainbows are your romantic partner, a parent, your very best friend, or anyone who holds a special space in your heart. 

How about you? Which “weather person” are you? 

There was a sentence I read before, “We do not meet people by accident. Each one has a purpose.”  What is your purpose in someone else’s life? 

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