A Positive View On Life's Challenges; The Purpose of Pain

No one wants pain and suffering. But adversities come naturally. All we can do is face them and be a better version of ourselves.


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12/13/2021 4 min read

Pain is a gift. It’s not that we want it. However, pain, when used to our advantage, could be transformative.

People who are under so many difficulties and sufferings would often ask the whys of pain. Why should I suffer like this? Why do I have to deal with this? Why me? Most of the time, painful situations make us question life. It’s when some of us think life is unfair.

Could there really be some great reasons why we have to experience such pain? What are those? Is life really unfair?

In my own experience of healing myself from past hurts, I discovered and learned so many things about pain-about life in general.

I am not an expert on philosophical views or sort of things. I may not have experienced as worse (or better) as You may or may not accept my opinions-that is clearly up to you. But if there are people who could use these insights, then I am very pleased to tell you that pain is beautiful. And yes, there are reasons we experience them.

Before I tell you more about why we have them, let me first define what kind of pain I am talking about.

Emotional and mental pain are the ones that are the most transformative, in my opinion. This pain may be caused by loss, failure, pressure, betrayal, or rejection. So, why in the world do we have to experience them?


We lose something big because we are going to gain something greater.

Life removes people, jobs, and even materials because it wants to initiate change. It wants us to make space for something bigger and better. But first, we must learn the lessons. We must be wiser and stronger in dealing with problems. In that way, we are able to keep the greater things much better and more effectively. Life constantly does this. That is because we are upgrading. Once we’ve learned the lesson and improved ourselves, we’re ready for something even larger: a better career, a more comfortable home, a more successful business, a much loving partner, a greater view of life, to name a few.

However, we have to allow these changes. We have to accept the loss, the pain, and the struggles. We have to move on from them. Because if we will dwell in the pain and be stuck there forever, we can never receive the good things. We can’t change what already happened. We might as well try our best to live a better life than drowning in our problems.

Accept the loss. Accept the pain. Deal with it.

Embrace it, then let it go. And once you do, you’re stronger and better. You’ve upgraded. You’re wiser. You have a clean space for the great things coming. Remember the old Zen saying, “Empty your cup, so it’ll be filled.”

Let life fill you with new beautiful things. So, let’s empty our cup when life encourages us to.


Our present difficulties teach us to be well-adaptive to our future lives.

Here is life, throwing problems here and there- one after another. It’s difficult. But, this is a way life is teaching us to adapt. And once we are well-adapted, life is so much easier.

I used to worry about money. I had this old belief that if I had a job, money wouldn’t be a problem anymore. So, I applied for a job. I worked more than 60 hours a week and earned lots of money. I could pay the bills, but I wasn’t saving any. I was stressed out, exhausted, and without any savings.

My financial struggle allowed me to be more creative about my income sources. I applied for a job that requires me to work for only about 40 hours a week. It pays three-folds higher than the previous one. I sell some of my preloved items which are still in excellent condition. I do writing gigs in my free time which I love doing. I realized that my income should not only come from one source. Since then, I could finally save money, pay my bills, and still have extra money to buy the things I want.

I have learned from my financial restraints, and I have become more financial literate. I have adapted. Remember that it’s not really the strongest who survive, it’s the

You are pressured because life is trying to “squeeze” out the best (and worst) in you for you to pursue your greatest desires.

It’s supposed to be hard. If not, how would we know we could actually learn that difficult instrument? Or pass that challenging exam? Or continue that business? Or find out our hidden skills and talent?

If it was easy, how would we grow? If it was easy, we would settle for less. If it was easy, we would stay the same, and we would never try to discover new ways to become better. If it was easy, we wouldn’t cherish the things we receive because everything was easy to get. If it was easy, we wouldn’t desire, and desire is an extremely powerful thing. It drives people, changes people, encourages people, makes people brave to go on, and makes people think. Desire gives us purpose.

So, when life gets so difficult, we shouldn’t ask, “Why is it so hard?” Instead we can ask, “How can I make it better?” “How can I solve this?” “How can I improve myself?” “How can I avoid this in the future?”

The pressure allows us to find that cleverness and courage in ourselves to face those challenges. Most of the time, these endeavors even let us discover new things about ourselves! The difficulties will bring out the best in us, and the worsts.

But that is a good thing, a very good thing. If we know our strengths and weakness, we know how to deal with life wiser. Our strengths give us a clear idea of the path we should be taking. Our weaknesses tell about our limitations.

When life pressures us so much, it is testing us. How much can we handle? That is up to us to prove.




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