Honesty is Freedom and Happiness

When you are honest, your heart and mind are at peace.


The Sophisticats

11/10/2021 2 min read

Honesty is beautiful.

Being an honest person makes life simpler and makes one’s heart lighter. It’s amazing to live with the truth. It holds relationships strong. It saves your time and energy, and most of all, it shows meaning to your life. It may be extremely difficult, to be honest sometimes, but it is worth sticking to the truth. Here’s why.


1. Being Honest Makes Relationships Last.

In any kind of relationship, love is important. But trust keeps the bond between people stronger. In a romantic relationship, for example, we trust that the person loves and cares for us. We trust that our partner or spouse will always choose us in our ups and downs. So, if we aren’t honest, if we cheat, or if we deceive that person, the bond is broken even though love stays.    

2. Being Honest Saves Precious Time.

When you only speak of truth, there’s no need for you to think of stories and lies. There are no details that you must remember. Life is so much easier if we are honest because when we talk about the truth, words flow easily.


3. Being Honest Keeps Your Heart Light.

Keeping secrets (which shouldn’t be kept) is heavy. It haunts you day and night, keeps you paranoid, keeps you anxious, and out of balance. When you hide something and lie about it, you are always too careful not to say certain words or talk about certain topics because it might reveal your secret. This way, you feel restricted. You aren’t free. You aren’t happy.


4. Being Honest Makes Your Other Values Stronger

I’ve kept secrets and hurt people with my lie. But when I finally learned my lessons, honesty is now a value I practice every day- in small and big things. I was surprised by how beautiful and peaceful life is when I don’t keep secrets. I have learned to keep promises. I have learned to apologize for my mistakes. I have learned to be humble. I never point a finger at people even if it is really their fault. I understand people even more. I rarely complain anymore. I became more patient. I know when to shut up and listen, and when I speak, it is not to criticize. But I am not perfect. Honesty has taught me many other values to be a better person. 


This is to say that we should rethink our actions and decisions. Cheating, deceiving, and any form of dishonesty is never good. Sooner or later, you will see the damage it will cause. It may look pretty and safe now, but the longer you keep a lie, the more dreadful its effects will be.

Honesty is freedom, happiness, and peace of mind. And isn't that what matters?  

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