5 Ways to Manage Your Time Effectively and Wisely

The secret to managing your time effectively is to wisely use short periods of time, and here are the ways how to do it.


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9/27/2021 3 min read

So, you have 24 hours a day but have a 72-hour worth of workload. It’s a problem that doesn’t need complicated math computation. Instead, what you need is effective time management.


You might ask, how can I manage my time effectively when I am extremely busy at work, and I’m overloaded with tasks? For starters, list down the tasks you must do. In effective time management, being clear about your activities and time is very essential.


List Your Activities Down.

Write all your tasks and activities on a piece of paper or an excel sheet. If possible, include the deadlines. Being clear of your schedule is already a helpful way to know your priorities.


Know Your Priorities.

If you are confused with which things are your top priorities, ask yourself these questions:

- Is this task/activity important?

-Is it urgent?


If your answer to these two questions is yes, then put that activity on top of your list. If you find several things that have the same importance and urgency, consider the process of each task. For example, you need to finish a sales presentation. At the same time, you must gather information through an interview with an important man and send the details to your boss. Both tasks have the same deadline. Which one do you do first? I suggest that you do the interview first. In this task, another person is involved which may affect how you manage your time. You might actually be making more effort in setting up a meeting with your interviewee. Consider that this person may not be available at all times, so it is important to act fast. Make that appointment as early as you can. Making a presentation is something you can do in a step-by-step manner and in time portions. Knowing your priorities gives you a clear idea of which tasks you must do first and which are the next ones.


“Small Time” Counts Big.

There are things or parts of an activity that we may accomplish in short minutes. These activities include note-taking, planning, searching, watching videos, or listening to audio recordings. For example, you are a student who must write an essay about a certain topic, you may use your time to browse for extra information while you are “sitting” in the toilet. You can also do some note-taking using your phone when you are on the bus or on your way to school (considering it is safe.)


In my case, as a home-based English teacher, a blogger, and a single mother of a toddler, it used to be a challenge to manage my time. Yes, I am working at home, but that doesn’t mean I have more time for everything. I had to learn how to manage my time wisely. My first class begins at 8:00 AM. So, I sit in front of my computer at 7:20 AM. I will use that time to make my student’s notes design template. This is basically just choosing the design for the notes and the words that I will be including in their review file. This is something I can do while having my breakfast. So, I hit two birds with one stone.


Time Yourself: 20-20-20 Rule

This technique can work like magic for you. I learned from other people that sectioning one hour into three 20-minute portions to do their activities is effective and efficient. Try it for yourself. To begin, plan out what activities you would like to finish in one hour. Then, start with your first activity and time yourself for twenty minutes. This action will allow you to manage short periods of time more efficiently. You will be surprised by how much you can accomplish in 20 minutes when you really intend to do so. Of course, you must follow your time strictly. It’s a good habit to develop!


Take Short Breaks.

You might think that when you are very busy, you shouldn’t take a break. Actually. when you are overwhelmed with tasks, the more that you need a breather. Take a 10-20 minute break after working for 2-3 hours. If you are working so hard, these short breaks will give you a quick energy boost. Besides that, you will be able to refresh your mind for the next tasks you are going to do. Taking short breaks will also allow you to have new ideas or perspectives. So, take your cup of coffee and relax for some minutes. You deserve it. After that, you’re ready to take on anything!

Time is that one resource everybody possesses equally. Therefore, we must make sure that every second is a time well-spent.

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